Brisk menu is the new menu for MATE desktop, developed by Ikey Doherty the main developer of Solus project, I have build this for devuan. If you wont to install this new menu add my repo. to your source.list


echo "deb" ascii main contrib non-free >> /etc/apt/sources.list



sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install antofox-keyrings

Now you can install brisk menu


sudo apt-get install mate-applet-brisk-menu


  • Keyboard centric (mice welcome too, of course)
  • Hotkey support (defaults to Super, configurable in gsettings)
  • Stupid-fast
  • Efficient, useful searching with prioritised listings
  • Modular backend design split from the frontend, allowing new backends in future (hint: the frontend is not tied to .desktop files)
  • Context menus for .desktop actions (incognito mode, etc.)
  • Configurable label (hide/text)
  • Automatically adapt to vertical panels
  • Automatically reload
  • Filter via categories
  • Session/screensaver controls
  • Sidebar launcher support
  • GTK3 + CSS styling options
  • Fully correct X11 WM integration (grab policy and window types)
  • Not Python.

Thanks to Ikey Doherty.